Tablet Repairs


We offer various repairs for the leading manufacturers inc Apple. Samsung, ASUS and more. Our tablet repair services come with 3 months warranty.

example services we offer are:

These are some common Android tablet repairs:

  • Android tablet Firmware updates
  • Android tablet Tablet
  • Android tablet USB Jack Repair
  • Android tablet WiFi Drop-Outs
  • Android tablet RAM Memory Testing
  • Android tablet Battery replacement
  • Android tablet Screen Constantly Freezing
  • Android tablet Speaker Replacement
  • Android tablet Headphone Repair
  • Android tablet Zero Or Low SoundAndroid tablet
  • Cracked/Broken Digitizer 

     These are some common Apple IPAD repairs:  

  • Cracked Screen.
  • No Video.
  • No Backlight.
  • Cracked LCD
  • Charge Port repacement
  • Replacement Battery
  • and many more

If you have a broken iPad 2, please select below to see all available repairs.  We offer the lowest prices on iPad repair. Be warned if your ipad screen is cracked watch out for places who repair these ipad screens with non genuine parts. They are cheaper but you will notice the difference. Genuine screens are much more exspensive than the cheap Chinese parts that most of the other service centers use.

CAUTION: Genuine replacement screens also contain a material commonly known as “Gorilla Glass” that's resistant to breakage and scratching. Non-genuine iPhone screens look and feel identical but are not constructed from this material and so may be less resistant to damage. For these reasons, the genuine screen is more expensive.

AML Computers use genuine Apple screen at a competitive price but we also provide the option of a "high-grade" non-genuine component at a lower price-point. These are an excellent value alternative if your iPhone is out of warranty. But keep in mind that some repairers also offer "low-grade" screens as a third and very cheap option. These are known to scratch easily and we do not stock this grade of screen.



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