Laptop Slow?

Laptop slow?


Struggling to run several tasks at the same time?

Slow downloads?


There are several reasons for a laptop to run slow. This can be anything from the laptop being infected with a virus or malware (we will explain these later), to lack of memory, slow hard drive or just too many old unused programmes on the machine. Whatever the reason, we have a solution. Let’s start with a few explanations of what can slow your machine down.

Memory – some older laptops my only be fitted with 1 or 2 gigabytes(GB) of memory. At the time the laptop was built this amount of memory would have been perfectly fine, but as time move on and programmes have become more and more memory intensive.  Fitting new memory is a task that most people can do themselves. You will need to make sure that you get the right memory for the laptop. Check the maximum capacity that the laptop can accept and the speed of the memory (this will be measured in Mhz). Tip - Don’t mix memory as you can damage the laptop.

Unused Programmes – As time goes on and we use our laptops and PCs more and more, we download or install newer and better programmes. A lot of programmes will continue to run in the background even when you are not using the programme. As users we rarely remove or clean up older programmes. By removing these older unused programmes you can clear up space and increase the speed of the laptop. There are several ways to remove older programmes, most will have an uninstall feature or alternatively you can use the windows uninstall feature. This can be found in the ‘windows control panel’ and then click ‘programmes and features’. Tip – If you are not sure don’t remove the programme, you don’t want to remove a file you need.

Slow Hard Drive – As we install more and more programmes on the hard drive it fills up and becomes what is known as fragmented. To put this in a simple term, think of a hard drive and the cupboards in your kitchen. As one fills up you then start putting your shopping in the next cupboard and then the next and so on. Now when it comes time to make a meal you will need to go into several cupboards to get the ingredients from several of those cupboards. Your hard drive is just like this. It will store information in several placed and when it needs to open a programme it takes long and longer the more fragmented the files become. Removing unused programs (see above)  and defragging your hard drive will help speed up this process. Tip – defragging a hard drive can take several hours depending on the amount of data stored and when it was last defragged. Also do not defrag an SSD.

Malware & Viruses – Malware and viruses are programmes that infect your computer. They can be programmed to do anything from force pop up adverts to all your web pages to the more sinister programmes that can steal your data or even take control of your computer and its functions. By keeping your windows software up to date and installing a security programme you can reduce the risk of these types of programmes infecting your computer. There are dozens of free or trail security software packages out there, but you will find that some have a negative impact on the speed of your PC. Tip - AML Computers Ltd


These are just a few of the more common issues that you can come across. If you are unsure of why your laptop is running slow or you have attempted any of the above and your laptop is still slow, then come and see us. Our advice is always FREE. We can also give you a demonstration of how by fitting new hardware to your laptop we can increase the speed and reliability of your laptop without losing any of your important data.


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