Custom Built PC`s

AML Computers is a long established computer manufacturer based in West Yorkshire. We specialise in gaming Desktops and Laptops that utilise quality parts and if requested overclocking techniques to produce machines offering extreme performance. Our custom-built models can handle the latest PC games with ease. Whether you’re seeking the best gaming desktop or a budget gaming computer, we can assist you. Find your ideal gaming rig by calling into our store and utilising our state of the art Custom PC Builder software. Alternatively, you can contact our staff and ask about creating your own computer complete with top-of-the-line video card, processor and more.  AML Computers also offers an extensive range of custom PCs for business use including servers, workstations and desktop systems of all varieties. We use the finest quality parts whether you opt for a high-end or budget gaming rig. This means you can enjoy the best performance and reliability guaranteed. In the unlikely event you run into difficulties, you’ll be supported by our team of in store technicians